Since 1989 we have successfully managed assets, re-evaluated existing assets, and are proactive in recommending what would be best for you the individual. For us it is not about whether you fit into a “profile” it is about your individual choices, dreams and needs. Investment is not only a science, but an art. It is the art of putting together many complex issues and simplifying them for an outcome that suits your personal goals. Whether you are trying to finance your children’s education, grow your nest egg, managing wealth for your family, or trying to manage on a fixed income, we can help you develop a plan for all aspects of your finances.

What we do

We listen and give you peace of mind. To us advising is about more than the future, it is about managing resources and reducing risk to help you maximize your life, not only in the future but for the present. We are transparent, available, and unbiased. We act as a partner to assess your stage of life, needs, and dreams and make recommendations to help you reach your goals. We take this pursuit very seriously and we manage our clients’ money with the same care as if it were our own.

Who we are

Small, yes. Personal, yes. We are boutique advisors by choice. At AI Advisor, you’ll get personalized attention big firms simply can’t offer. You’ll work directly with the person planning and implementing your finances. We have over 25 years experience in financial planning and analysis, and it is not our goal to sell you anything. We build your portfolio for your personal or family needs without ties to certain funds, or 3rd parties.

Things to know

Our blog features useful articles to help with your thinking and planning.

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Roth verses Traditional IRAs – Choice and conversion

Do I expect my tax rate in retirement to be higher lower or the same in retirement? This is a key question. The prescription from this, is that if you expect your tax rate to be lower at the time of withdrawal (presumably in retirement), then you defer the tax until that time by selecting […]

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